Cool-Roofing Technology

Cool-Roofing Technology is a Breath of Fresh Air for Big Cities Written By: Thomas Berry Email | LinkedIn In the pursuit of both protecting our environment and ourselves, the construction industry has looked at all aspects of the building process. Green Building is one of the fastest growing technologies to date, and with the rapid expansion of urban areas it is Read More

Innovations in Insulation

Weather Controllers – Insulation for Comfort Written By: Thomas Berry Email |┬áLinkedIn Mankind has long sought ways to retain hot air in the winter and keep hot air out in the summer. In medieval days, workers would stuff walls with different materials such as straw and cover it with a mud plaster to keep air out. This method of stuffing Read More

Self-Healing Concrete of the Future

Self-Healing Concrete: Reinforcements from Bacteria Written By: Thomas Berry Email | LinkedIn Ever since the Ancient Romans learned that mixing horsehair in their version of concrete prevented cracking, man has sought ways to increase the longevity of this pivotal building material. Little did anyone know, the answer to this problem has been around since the Romans mixed up the first batch Read More

Paving the Way to New Innovations in Concrete

Over the course of the last several years, there have been a vast number of advancements in concrete technology. These advancements have taken place across the entire industry in areas such as mixture proportioning, durability, recycling, and the effect on the environment. The downside is that many of these advancements have not been readily used by the construction and consumers Read More