Elite LBM Talent: The Blueprint
If you're in the building materials or construction industries and looking to build a better recruiting machine that will skyrocket your career... You came to the right place. 

I've got the step-by-step Blueprint for you...  

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- James Aiken
Founder, Legacy Search
Never Stress A Candidate Search Again!
  •  Identify 100% of the Applicable Candidates in your Market
  •  Communicate with 10-20x as Many Qualified Candidates  
  •  Track and Gauge Micro-Interests to Recruit Effectively
  •  Build More Interest with a Perpetual Candidate Journey 
  •  Effectively Sell Your Opportunity to Elite Talent  
  •  Avoid Mis-Hires with 360° Referencing and Checking   
  •  Reduce Turn-Downs with Advanced Test Drive Interviews
  •  Increase Retention through More Precise Selection
  •  Build Smoother Onboarding for Quicker Assimilation
  •  ...And Just Be All Around Great at Recruiting! (FREE!)
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