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Four Types of Content for Recruitment Marketing

How to Build a Content Strategy That Helps You Recruit High-End Candidates

Building a content strategy that focuses on marketing to your candidates as opposed to your customers is a new concept. Progressive firms are making sure that key associates in their markets are seeing their firm as the #1 employer in the market.

If market leaders ever have a single doubt in their mind about their current role – you want to be the first company they contact.

But its about so much more than that. You have the opportunity to attract the best associates in the market without making cold phone calls directly to your competitors. You can build a system that attracts candidates over time, so you never have to pay for a job ad or sift through hundreds of ineligible resumes ever again.

Use real life experiences as a content strategy to attract candidates in the building materials industry

A lot of people ask me about strategy on our takeoff calls, I always suggest us creating some custom content for their company. I always get asked what’s the best, video content for us to make. Folks think, we don’t even know where to start. What should we do here? And so here’s four quick ideas on the types of content you should make.

NUMBER ONE – You should have on-site videos if you’re in the building materials industry.

Go out to a local project. If you’re not too shy about people knowing who’s on the job, go out do a walkthrough. Keeping it short, preferably under a minute is going to be the hardest part was once you start going out there and talking with people, everybody’s going to want to be involved.

Talk about the project itself. Talk about the people that are working on it. Talk about how you got there, how long you’ve been partnered with this company, just generally give them an idea on the kind of work that you do. You should be showing people exactly what the work environment’s like, the kinds of people that are working for you and just generally your partnership with those clients.

SECOND SUGGESTION – An office video. So I saw somebody do an incredible job on this recently. But what would you say is just doing a, an uncut, just walk through of your office, go from department to department or make it department specific.

We can actually chop those up for each, career opportunity or each funnel you’re setting up for each department when it comes to recruiting longterm. But what we’re doing is go through a couple of introductions with some star associates. get people understanding what your work environment’s like.

Is it a high energy hustle and bustle? Is there a lot going on? Is it more focused and quiet is everyone just diligently working? Is it essentially — And I don’t want to stereotype here, but is it a telesales call floor where everyones got so much energy or is it like an engineering and accounting, you know, very quiet, Everyone’s got their blinders on. They’re working hard. On their Excel spreadsheets. I don’t know. Don’t get on me about the Excel spreadsheet thing, but we’re saying, we want to show people exactly what the environment’s like.

NUMBER THREE – Do an introduction with one of the leaders.

If you can do the president, the CEO, whoever it is, you want to be able to talk with them about, okay, what are our core values? What do we value most? What are we looking for when it comes to recruiting? What do we need most, how can somebody add the most value for our company? What can we add to the candidates career longterm, if they were to come to our company and this can be anything across the board, really?

I mean, We have people that appeal to a continuing education. We have people that appeal to a growing a territory. We have people that appeal to moving into sales management, a lot of different ways that you can go on this one. It’s really just based on what value propositions you’re offering for the types of candidates that you’re targeting.

THE FOURTH VIDEO – A look inside some kind of engagement or some type of event that you’re hosting or you’re at as a team and showing people in more of a casual environment, showing people more in a social environment, I’ve seen barbecues I’ve seen when people will go out to certain speaking events or charity events.

Really, we just want to see everyone at a different angle and you want to show people, you know, in the case of charity, what your philanthropy is focused at, what again, what are the core values of your company and how are you representing them in multiple different angles?

Don’t overthink it. Okay. I think that’s the biggest thing. Just don’t overthink it. you don’t necessarily have to get a professional videographer out there, even if you’re just doing it from your phone.

it’s going to be fine because we’re worried more about transferring and communicating and displaying that knowledge more than we are looking to have a professionally done commercial that has great edits and all this. We want to get straight to the soul of your company. We want to show them in plain, English is upfront as possible.

This is what we’re like. This is what we’re looking for. This is how we can make you better. And this is what we’re all hoping to achieve. So, if you can display that, well, you’re going to have a lot more candidates interested in your company. You’re going to take people that aren’t looking for jobs anywhere, and you’re going to grow a company bond with them over time.

And then whenever you do need to make a hire, those people are already going to be warmed up. They’re going to be ready to talk, even if they’re not sending their resumes out left and right. If they are interested in your brand and your company, then they’re going to make an exception.

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By James Aiken

President of Legacy Search, James Aiken has been dynamically involved in recruiting the elite candidates within the building materials industry for many years. With strength in sales and operations, James has built out multiple sales teams for manufacturers and distributors alike. Email him at

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