A luxury Window manufacturer
is looking for a VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES. . .
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Stable and Strong - 
This manufacturer has a long history back to 1955 in Japan. Nowadays, they work in 70 international markets across 35 countries. They have saved the biggest market for last, as they expand into the United States. 

Innovative and Cutting-Edge - When Peekadern released its latest product, Celsior, it changed how every window manufacturer designed their windows. We have set an entirely new bar for residential windows. 

Powerful Team - Although the team is small, every associate is a window expert from top to bottom. With the way we focus on quality execution, we can't allow our product to fall to the wayside. Our customers know that our team will always be a trusted source for high-end design. 

Organized and Attentive - We have no long lead times, quick shipping, and nearly no callbacks. We are very successful at making sure the customer is getting what they expect. You don't have to apologize for good performance!

Product Fanbase - Architects and designers absolutely love our products. Celsior has been featured on the front cover of Door and Window Magazine and has won a Green Energy award for its capabilities. 
Premium Wood Windows - From our deep respect of the traditional window-making art, we were inspired to create our most historically authentic line of wood windows and patio doors: Celsior Series Reserve. Made for the distinct creators, the purists of design, the architectural historians – each window is intricately crafted to achieve your design vision.

Modern Day Classic - Peekadern Celsior Series Reserve windows beautifully intertwine historical authenticity with modern-day convenience. Revel in authentic details like butt joinery, Putty Glaze grille and sash profiles, and historical through-stile design without compromising on performance. 

Windows as Authentic as You - When it comes to authenticity, every detail matters. That's why we intentionally designed hardware that is architecturally compatible with window and patio door styles

As Custom as Reality - Transform your vision into a unique point of view. Celsior Series Reserve windows and patio doors offer virtually unlimited shapes and sizes, custom exterior colors and beautiful wood species so you can customize the space the way you imagined it. Without compromising
The Window Magician - Since Kirk joined Peekadern in 2012, we have completely taken over as the luxury brand within the window and door market. With his experience in architecture and design, Kirk leads intuitively from a creative side of business. 

Supply Chain General - Under the leadership of Kirk, Peekadern has been able to lower their lead times as well as shrink their work in progress. When it comes to really packing a powerful punch, Kirk looks to his VP of Supply Chain, Charles Hagan.  

Interactive CEO - Whether it comes to his team, his customers, or his market, Krik wants to be able to stay available as the face of the company. He has brought the firm into new marketing channels including Twitter and Periscope to drive customer and employee appreciation. 

Distribution Dynamo - As we expand our manufacturing footprint within the United States, we are focusing on partnering with boutique dealers that can help drive specifications of our windows. We have five focus regions that are the primary objective for the year. 

Unadulterated Leader - We pride ourselves on bringing in focused and assertive leaders into our organization. At the same time, we need leaders that can work in conjunction with other strong personalities. A successful person in this role won't be closed off, but readily available to train and make big impacts on their team. 

Window Expert - Like you might have noticed. . . we really love windows. We hope you do too! The most successful candidates will come from window manufacturers, and the higher end the window the better. Vinyl is acceptable, but Wood or Metal windows will be a big bonus. 
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