The recruiting secret weapon for the building materials industry.

Legacy Search is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. It’s leader, James Aiken, has built a network of candidates and firms from all manufacturers, suppliers, and installers facing the construction industry. When you need the best talent in your industry, and you needed it yesterday, you need the building materials recruiters from Legacy Search.

We’re committed to building great teams for our clients. This comes from our team of dedicated search consultants, strong network of existing relationships with the industry’s top talent, and proven search process, we’re uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their organizational goals by recruiting incredible talent.

Whether you’re a ten million dollar roofing distributor or a billion dollar window and door manufacturer, our strategies will show you how to cut your time to fill by implementing long-term processes that build an audience you can dip into for top-graded associates whenever you need them throughout the year.

Elite LBM Talent: The Blueprint

Interested in learning strategies and processes you can implement immediately for your internal recruiting team? Click the image above for a copy of our free guide for eliminating mis-hires and building a better team to skyrocket your career.

This is a system that will build greatly in value over time and allow you to build relationships with the best talent in your market without having to directly contact them and risk souring relationships with competition.

New Recruiting Concepts for 2020:

  • Omnipresent brand-building focused on employer value propositions
  • Total talent market mapping, tracking, and delicate candidate-journeys
  • Scaling recruiting power and influence without losing the human touch

These are concepts that are going to make or break employers this year. With unemployment at an all time low, and the overall talent market becoming tighter than ever, firms aren’t fighting over entry-level talent, they aren’t fighting over ‘okay’ associates…

They’re focused on attracting the best talent possible to their firms… are you?

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Why Use Legacy Search?

Contain Hiring Costs

Contain hiring costs and maximize your new hire ROI by interviewing meticulously curated candidates and hiring the best in the market NOT the best available.

Staff Your Team With All-Stars

Your team is an extension of you and has a direct impact on your career trajectory. Work with a firm that is entrenched in the building materials industry from the board level to the highest potential talent in the industry.

Shut The Revolving Door of Bodyshop Recruiters

Partner with a firm that speaks your language, not someone who is looking to get a body in a seat. We provide a full suite of recruiting services from retained and contingency searches for your direct hire needs, to building high performing projects.

Utilize Job Invitations

Align your recruiting system with branding and building goodwill. Focus on attracting and exciting the candidates about your opportunity instead of listing out every single detail of what the absolute perfect candidate would look like. Check out the Peekadern Windows Job Invitation below to see one in action

Example Job Invitation