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Read This If You Want to Recruit better Candidates in the Building materials industry! 
Dear Friend, 

If you're in the building materials industry and you're focused on recruiting the highest-performing and most-enthusiastic talent in the market and you'd like some help developing a stronger recruiting system, we'd be happy to help ...for free

Here's how it works. . .

We'll set aside a half-hour or so to go over your current recruiting strategy and new tactics you can implement to supercharge your recruiting ability. 

It's a pretty simple process. 

You tell us what you're hoping to accomplish, we take a look at what you're doing, find out the best ways to make everything work better, and then share our ideas with you.

And we do it for free.

Here's why. . . 

Some (but not all) of the people we do this for end up asking us to manage a specific search, or run their entire recruiting strategy for them.

So our hope is that we help you so much that you ask us about becoming a client.

Pretty straightforward.

But - just to be clear - this really is a complete audit of your recruiting strategy and an in-depth consultation on how to make it better.

Here's what its like. . . 

The first thing we look to do is assess how organizations are targeting candidates.

Here’s how:

Most businesses spend a lot of their time posting jobs all over the internet.

They screen the dozens and dozens of resumes they get to find a couple of people who are worth calling, then see if they're up to par. 

Problem is, if they're looking for someone that's currently happy in their role and over-performing - that kind of "active" candidate isn't applying for jobs on LinkedIn. 

So the first thing we do is develop out a passive candidate audience.

And there are a lot of ways to do that. . .

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