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Company Spotlight: Metromont

Construction industry leader Metromont has been operating in the area for over 75 years, and prides itself on building solutions which will last long beyond the generation they’re built for. Hands on, the company involves itself at every stage of the process, from design to construction, and they have a wide range of expertise ranging from educational right through to large-scale industrial structures.
A pre-cast concrete specialist, Metromont offers much more than initially meets the eye. More hands-on than the average construction company, they involve themselves in the sustainability and energy efficiency of a project, through developing the budget for the project, assisting with the layout of the structure, and even offering pre-cast samples to fit with existing buildings.

Pre-cast Concrete
Pre-cast concrete can be more durable than steel for a variety of projects, and certainly makes a difference to the budget of larger-scale builds. It’s more resistant to wear and tear both from weather and time, and with the curing process carried out in a factory environment rather than onsite, the product is more durable.
It is also more fire resistant, leading to a greater safety consideration for the people using the building – vital for projects with a wide public footfall, and a major consideration for insurance purposes.
Metromont Projects
  • GSU University Commons, Atlanta – Metromont products were used for this project, designed by architectural firm Niles Bolton Associates Inc., and built by Hardin Construction Company as the main contractor. The project consisted of four buildings ranging from eight to 15 stories, with capacity for around 2000 students. The budget called for smart solutions; pre-cast concrete was the obvious choice, being more economical than metal and a brick veneer finish. Pre-cast concrete not only brought the cost right down, but enabled the contractor to set the panels at night, knocking several months off the schedule, and saving a great deal on labor costs.
  • A real hometown project, Metromont pre-cast concrete was also used for the National Bank of South Carolina Regional Headquarters in Greenville, with architects Neal Prince, and BE&K Building Group as the main contractor. This was originally intended to be a steel structural frame construction, but the design team faced a schedule which required building work to take place over the winter months. Metromont’s pre-cast concrete provided the ideal solution with no compromise on quality or aesthetics. The end result was described the contractor as “outstanding”.
Perhaps the most important aspect of pre-cast concrete is its sustainability – it’s efficient in terms of energy consumption, and also through its use of recycled material. A typical pre-cast building includes up to 35% recycled content. Additionally, off-site manufacture reduces waste, and also noise and dust pollution on site.
Metromont are industry leaders, recycling approximately 6.3 million gallons of water each year, leading to a 70% reduction in their water bill! The recycling doesn’t stop with water, as fly ash – a by-product of coal burning in power plants – can form up to 35% of structural products where appropriate.
Construction doesn’t have to mean destruction of natural resources; companies like Metromont are leading the way in sustainable construction.

By James Aiken

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