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Attracting Candidates: Strategies to Consider


Turning the apathetic into driven crusaders.

Once you have your ammo and your sights set on your candidate map, its time to generate interest. In this case, we can’t use old style tricks. If we are going to be reaching out in great numbers, we can’t allow ourselves to become impersonal and robotic. The best candidates aren’t going to respond to bland spam sent to their inbox.


Scaling Outreach Without Becoming a Robot

A very powerful method of passive interest generation is to take the audience you previously defined, and target them directly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn with content that sells your company and generates interest in the role you are promoting.

This should be content that candidates can consume on their own without pressure. We can also segment candidates based on their interactions with the media – leading to a clearer picture on the candidates who are most interested.


Like we said before, job descriptions are just press releases. Its time to make job invitations that are specific to some of your top candidates. A strong conversation converter is an exclusive job invite.

This is a 100% personalized job invitation to an extremely select group of candidates (20-40) that makes absolutely clear that you are targeting that specific candidate for a specific reason.

This should prove to the candidate they are not receiving a blanket mass-invite, but are being hand-selected by the firm. I personally use short videos recorded by yours truly, mentioning the candidates name, resume/background, and reasons for interest in their specific background.

Attract For Conversations


In order to have the best results (ie interest) in initial contact, it is recommended to have a multi-angled contact campaign in line.

This means setting up not only a passive autoresponder, but active email campaigns, LinkedIn message campaigns, and direct contact campaigns on select associates targeted. The more “angles” and “touches”, the more conversions from content consumption into contact.


In order to best inform and attract candidates that fit your profile – one of the strongest new tools we’ve developed is the Career Lander. Essentially, this is a page we’re sending hyper-specific traffic to in order to excite candidates about an opportunity and company.

You can get a good idea on how this looks on our example job lander for a fantasy company called Peekadern Windows (link). Just click the link or the image and you’ll get a better idea on what we’re talking about.