Old School Recruiting Won’t Move the Needle

Hard Knocks in the Recruiting Universe It was about seven years ago when I started my career in recruiting. . . It was a land of smiling and dialing, posting job ads, and filtering (ahem, reviewing) infinite resumes. I managed a large local automotive manufacturing client at the time, staffing its machining and assembly lines. Very high volume.   A Read More

Candidate Selection: Strategies to Consider

SELECTING CANDIDATES Create the draft, then sign the first pick. The beautiful part about this stage is that if you have effectively implemented the previous stages, this one will be an absolute breeze. What we’re doing here is tying up some loose ends, finalizing our decision, then making the offer to the candidate of our choice. BACKDOOR REFERENCING In the Read More

Build a Dream Team like its 1992

BUILD A DREAM TEAM Michael Jordan. . . Larry Bird. . . David Robinson. . . Magic Johnson.. .  The 1992 Dream Team was without a doubt the highest “Topgraded” group of basketball players ever put together. A big difference from the restrictions that the NBA Commissioner puts on Olympic Athletes nowadays, the 1992 Dream Team was an absolute steamroller. Read More

Filtering Candidates: Strategies to Consider

FILTERING CANDIDATES Separating the Cans from the Wills and the Wants. Once you have your initial slate of interested candidates and have driven a fair amount of activity, its time to look at ranking and comparing the different interested candidates. Here, we are looking back to some other resources we created in the first step of the recruiting process to Read More

Attracting Candidates: Strategies to Consider

ATTRACTING CANDIDATES Turning the apathetic into driven crusaders. Once you have your ammo and your sights set on your candidate map, its time to generate interest. In this case, we can’t use old style tricks. If we are going to be reaching out in great numbers, we can’t allow ourselves to become impersonal and robotic. The best candidates aren’t going Read More

Candidate Onboarding: Strategies to Consider

ONBOARDING CANDIDATES Ever have new-hires turn over quickly, or feel a bit frazzled or frantic during their first 90-180 days? No problem, just set up a standard onboarding procedure and guidelines in order to keep your new hire on the rails. Secure your talent and retain them with power. . .     CRUCIAL STATISTICS According to SHRM, companies lose Read More

Recruiting Failures: Pick-Up Artists

Recruiters Want a One Night Stand Written By: James Aiken Email | LinkedIn Kim from Human Resources needed to outsource her recruiting process for an urgent role. She had been contacted by dozens of different recruiters promising to deliver the best talent in the market. They all operated in her niche, they all had a guarantee and they all had the Read More

Spraying, Praying, and Delaying

Recruiters are Spraying, Praying, and Delaying Written By: James Aiken Email | LinkedIn The Spray Joe the Human Resources Manager received an email from the General Manager. The GM was asking once again how their recruiting pipeline for a sales representative for an under-performing region was going. With the current union negotiations, safety ceremonies, scheduling, strategic planning, and middle-manning negotiations, let’s Read More