Old School Recruiting Won’t Move the Needle

Hard Knocks in the Recruiting Universe It was about seven years ago when I started my career in recruiting. . . It was a land of smiling and dialing, posting job ads, and filtering (ahem, reviewing) infinite resumes. I managed a large local automotive manufacturing client at the time, staffing its machining and assembly lines. Very high volume. A Tale Read More

Candidate Onboarding: Strategies to Consider

ONBOARDING CANDIDATES Ever have new-hires turn over quickly, or feel a bit frazzled or frantic during their first 90-180 days? No problem, just set up a standard onboarding procedure and guidelines in order to keep your new hire on the rails. Secure your talent and retain them with power. . .     CRUCIAL STATISTICS According to SHRM, companies lose Read More

Recruiting Failures: Pick-Up Artists

Recruiters Want a One Night Stand Written By: James Aiken Email | LinkedIn Kim from Human Resources needed to outsource her recruiting process for an urgent role. She had been contacted by dozens of different recruiters promising to deliver the best talent in the market. They all operated in her niche, they all had a guarantee and they all had the Read More

Secrets of Retaining Top-Performing Millennials

Retaining the Millennials Written By: James Aiken Email | LinkedIn Common “Solutions” to Retaining Millennials: – Increase compensation – Give them newer tech (cell, laptop, etc.) – Let them work remotely – Tuition reimbursement & training opportunities – Increase company social events – Avoid requiring overtime Retaining your employees is one of the most crucial aspects of leadership. There’s a lot Read More

Interview to Understand Aspirations

Peer into the Future to Retain Employees Better Written By: James Aiken Email | LinkedIn Depending on the hiring manager, recruiter or human resources department – interviewers may not necessarily have as much time to interview as they wish. I’ve seen interviews that last from thirty minutes to a chain of interviews lasting eight hours. Regardless, interviewers need to make sure Read More

Interviewing for Red Flag Identification

Getting the Right Candidate Means Identifying the Wrong Candidate Early Written By: James Aiken Email | LinkedIn You have a vacant position. You need to fill it. Yet, you need to fill it with the right candidate. The interviewing process, notwithstanding whether you love it or hate it, is costing you both time and lost productivity due to this gap. However, Read More