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Filtering Candidates: Strategies to Consider


Separating the Cans from the Wills and the Wants.

Once you have your initial slate of interested candidates and have driven a fair amount of activity, its time to look at ranking and comparing the different interested candidates. Here, we are looking back to some other resources we created in the first step of the recruiting process to perfectly gauge how each candidate will best fit the firm.

Inspecting for Functional Capability


Using the functional assessment created in the first step (positioning), you should look to have the same questions and topics of conversation covered with each candidate. This helps set a level playing field for comparing profiles.

When you’re asking the same functional and DNA-focused questions to each candidate, you will be able to look back later on (if you recorded your answers) and be able to compare more objectively by their metrics and measurements versus how they made you feel during the interview


It’s just like NFL, except you’ll make money


Using the candidate scorecard created in the first step, we are ranking each candidate in the initial screening process (phone screen) in order to better select for the face to face interviews. This is only the perspective of the person screening the candidates, which can change as candidate moves through the pipeline and receives scoring from other internal associates.



“This next candidate needs no introduction. . .”


The best way to provide a high-value candidate presentation is to include not only the resume, but the completed functional assessment, candidate scorecard, personality assessment, cover sheet, and professional reference. The reference should be an associate the candidate has presented as a previous manager or leader. We will take their recommendation with a grain of salt, but it is a good starting point. Great candidates always have great references ready to go.



If you’d like to get more into the nitty-gritty of things, check out our guide Elite LBM Talent: The Blueprint (link). This guide will show you exactly how to implement a fool-proof process for recruiting the top candidates in your market.

By James Aiken

President of Legacy Search, James Aiken has been dynamically involved in recruiting the elite candidates within the building materials industry for many years. With strength in sales and operations, James has built out multiple sales teams for manufacturers and distributors alike. Email him at

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