Company Spotlight: Guardian Industries

History The retail lumber yard that Guardian Building Products can trace its humble beginnings back to means that 2017 marks its impressive 150th birthday. In 1867, W. M. Cameron opened his yard in Warrensburg, Missouri, and supplied timber for construction to the emerging Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad. The ‘Guardian’ part of the name first appears in 1932, with the Read More

Recruiting Strategy: Managing Fallout Candidates

How to Use Fallout Candidates to Your Best Advantage Written By: James Aiken Email | LinkedIn The Disappearing Candidate(s) A hiring manager for a manufacturer gets approval to fill one of their sales rep vacancies. The hiring manager spends hours posting jobs, filtering resumes, sourcing candidates, researching competitors and putting a group of candidates together. They begin interviewing, take interest in Read More

Company Spotlight: Jeld Wen Windows and Doors

JELD-WEN, founded in 1960 by Richard “Dick” Wendt, is an American company and has its headquarters in Charlotte, NC. The company vision is to lead the international building products industry with incredible people making superior products and providing excellence in everything that the company does. The company runs over 120 manufacturing facilities in about nineteen countries. Hence, the setup makes it one Read More

Recruiting Failures: Pick-Up Artists

Recruiters Want a One Night Stand Written By: James Aiken Email | LinkedIn Kim from Human Resources needed to outsource her recruiting process for an urgent role. She had been contacted by dozens of different recruiters promising to deliver the best talent in the market. They all operated in her niche, they all had a guarantee and they all had the Read More

Spraying, Praying, and Delaying

Recruiters are Spraying, Praying, and Delaying Written By: James Aiken Email | LinkedIn The Spray Joe the Human Resources Manager received an email from the General Manager. The GM was asking once again how their recruiting pipeline for a sales representative for an under-performing region was going. With the current union negotiations, safety ceremonies, scheduling, strategic planning, and middle-manning negotiations, let’s Read More

Cool-Roofing Technology

Cool-Roofing Technology is a Breath of Fresh Air for Big Cities Written By: Thomas Berry Email | LinkedIn In the pursuit of both protecting our environment and ourselves, the construction industry has looked at all aspects of the building process. Green Building is one of the fastest growing technologies to date, and with the rapid expansion of urban areas it is Read More

Social Housing: Pop Up Villages

Pop Up Villages Could be the Quick Solution to High Growth Areas Written By: James Aiken Email | LinkedIn Social housing – especially homes suitable for families – is often in short supply. It is often difficult to offer anything other than a temporary solution, and waiting lists tend to be long and over-subscribed. Additionally, affordable rentals are thin on the Read More